Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies TA-ship Application

The FGSS TA-ship is a professional position of up to 20 hours/week. The main responsibilities include reading, class attendance, grading, consultations with students in office hours (2 hours/week), meetings with the course instructor, and preparation for, and running discussions sections. FGSS faculty consider TA-ships as teacher training and work closely with TAs to help them develop and enhance their feminist pedagogy and general teaching skills.

Briefly describe your background in FGSS, including any directly relevant coursework.
Please include semester taught, course title, a brief course description, and any faculty instructors.

Please arrange for a letter of reference from a professor for whom you have served as a TA or from someone who has observed your teaching and send to Maria Montesano (mem66@cornell.edu) by the application deadline.

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