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Big Red Feminisms

Feminist Education

2022 marks fifty years of Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies and thirty years of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies at Cornell University. Marking the event, students enrolled in Introduction to Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies (FGSS 2010) in Fall 2021 looked to Cornell’s past as inspiration for Cornell’s future. This site is a culmination of these efforts: it salvages Cornell’s hidden history of feminist and queer activism on campus and documents contemporary feminist and queer actions organized by Cornellians enrolled in FGSS 2010 in Fall 2021. We hope that these projects from the past and present have the potential to spark future collaborations and demonstrations.

Ximena Sanchez

Check out this "Trans Propoganda" playlist from FGSS minor Ximena Sanchez '22 for FGSS 3000: Feminist Theory (FA20)! 



Afro-Asia cook book

Chapter One of the #AfroAsiaCookbook IG takeover of #ProfGoffe’s cooking account

Cafe Selina features the artistic, culinary, research collaboration of Laura, Nikki, Leah, and Sophia @Cornell. Their team name draws from the initials of their name and the dining hall worker they interviewed. Selina also draws on the moon. They were inspired to go on food detours derived from African and Asian cultures and the food world in following novels from my syllabus: The Book of Salt, The Pagoda, and And China Has Hands.