That's How You Do It: Sam Pollard on Making "Bill Russell: Legend"

Sheppard, an associate professor of cinema and media studies in the Department of Performing and Media Arts at Cornell University, authored Sporting Blackness: Race, Embodiment, and Critical Muscle Memory on Screen, which explores sports documentaries and how they represent blackness.

“It [sports documentaries] finally gives these athletes larger context. It lets them speak, it lets them be culturally and critically framed, and it lets them, it lets us as audiences see their sport not divorced from the sociality in which they live,” said Sheppard. “So it’s not a narrative of shut up and dribble, it’s actually ‘tell us more and also show us the sport at the same time.’ So these films become really, really important as a way to provide a greater context to black athletes in ways that we have not seen them on the court, and more particularly off the court in terms of their social or cultural impact.”

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Samantha Sheppard