“Our Bodies, Their Laws” has Final Installment to Discuss Coalition Building, Community Engagement, and Recent Reports of Sexual Assault on Campus

"The final installment of the Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program’s event series on Friday, Nov. 11, included coalition building and community engagement, with the addition of a community discussion about date-rape drugs and sexual assaults on campus. 

The event was led by Chief Executive Officer and Founding Member of the Advocacy Project Asha Prabhat ’24 and Prof. Jane Juffer, feminist, gender and sexuality studies. 

'Student organizations are doing really important work,' Prabhat said. 'It’s overlapping with other people’s work, or they don’t know that another group exists that could connect them with other resources. So I wanted to create a space where people’s work can be explained.'"

Read the full story at The Cornell Daily Sun.  

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Students attend an "Our Bodies, Their Laws" event earlier in the semester. The final installment of this event series included collaborations with student groups to discuss sexual assault and date-rape drugs.
Lennox Cao/Sun Staff Photographer