Hadiyah Chowdhury: 'I was able to explore so many different academic interests'

Mon, 04/16/2018

Hadiyah Chowdhury

Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies & Anthropology & French

Corning, NY

What accomplishments/activities are you most proud of while at Cornell?

The work I've done around social justice is really important to me, so I am probably most proud of being able to connect with so many people about social justice issues. I have run workshops and organized protests in an attempt to enact change and the fact that I have been able to do those things as a result of all the help from the wonderful people I met along the way is a big accomplishment for me.

How did any of your beliefs or interests change during your time at Cornell?

I have met so many people with really incredible politics that have influenced my own politics. My beliefs have changed as a result of conversations with these individuals and communities outside of the classroom and my mind has been opened by many of these folks.

What do you value about your liberal arts education?

The interdisciplinary attitude. I was happy I was able to explore so many different academic interests I had without feeling guilty about wasting time.

   Hadiyah Chowdhury