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This semester, FGSS 3400 has launched a campaign to end immigrant detention, focusing on Ingrid, a Salvadoran who fled LGBTQ persecution. She has been held at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility for two years. Horribly, last week she and nine other women were transferred to the county jail in Troy, NY, where they have been held in medical isolation for five days. We have been unable to keep in touch with them during this transfer.


Ingrid is a 30 year old immigrant from El Salvador; she is full of joy, makes beautiful art, and has aspirations of a career in nursing. Ingrid loves El Salvador, but she is seeking asylum in the United States. In El Salvador, Ingrid experienced violence related to her sexual orientation, and she feared for her life. Ingrid has been illegally and unjustly detained at the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia, New York for two years now. Please sign this petition to demand Ingrid’s immediate release and to express your support for detention abolition. Click here to learn more about Ingrid’s case.The students have put together an amazing social media campaign, which can be viewed in its entirety on this linktree that also connects to Ingrid's story, told through letters she has sent me:@freeingrid | LinktreeIf you want something a bit quicker! here is a link to shareable social media posts:@freeingrid | Linktreeand for something even quicker, you can sign the petition:#FreeIngrid Petition - Action Network

Thank you for support by signing the petition.

Professor, Jane Juffer




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Image of Ingrids drawing