Marie-Claire Vallois

Associate Professor of French Literature


Marie-Claire Vallois, Associate Professor of French Literature, received her doctorate from the University of Nice. She teaches courses in French literature, French Culture, and Women's Studies. Her research is devoted mainly to the eighteenth century and the Age of the Revolution, with critical interests in semiotics and narratology, history and ideology and French and Francophone theories and practices of feminism. Author of a book on Germaine de Stael, Fictions feminines: Mme de Stael et les voix de la sybille, Vallois is presently completing another book, Displacing Femininity: Women, Gender, and the Revolution (1650-1850).

Research Focus

  • Eighteenth Century French Literature, the Revolution,
  • Romanticism
  • Narratology
  • Rhetoric of Ideologies
  • Feminist Criticism


  • Modern French Literature
  • Perspectives on the age of Enlightenment
  • Romance to Revolution
  • Early Modern French Literature
  • The Novel as Masterwork
  • Romantic Sexualities


  • Fictions féminines: Mme de Staël et les voix de la sybille. Saratoga, California: ANMI Libri, 1987