Contacts & Location

The Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program Office is located at 180 Rockefeller Hall and open Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. 

Currently on Cornell's campus, masking is encouraged but not required.
Please check Cornell's up to date COVID-19 policy for visitors to campus here.

Program email address:

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Contact information

Program Director

Jane Juffer
250 Goldwin Smith Hall
Director of Graduate Studies Ellis Hanson
250 Goldwin Smith Hall

Director of Undergraduate Studies Jane Juffer
250 Goldwin Smith Hall

Program Manager

Maria Montesano
182 Rockefeller Hall
Program Assistant

Aidan Kelly
180 Rockefeller Hall

Student Staff: 

Role Name Contact information
Graduate Assistant  Nikki Pasqualini
Student Intern Jon Agramonte
Student Intern Audrey Ahn
Student Intern Fabiola Faroh
Student Intern Ally Knapp
Student Intern Jaliah Smith

Our Location: 

Rockefeller Hall is located on Feeney Way (formerly East Avenue), right across the street from Goldwin Smith Hall.