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The FGSS Undergraduate Experience

Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of fields from the perspectives of feminist and LGBTQIA critical analysis, in a global context and with the purpose of promoting social justice. They will learn how gender and sexuality are socially constructed, what these terms mean in various contexts, and how these concepts are used to support social and political institutions. They will also learn how critical analysis and creative questioning of these concepts can help to reshape those institutions.

FGSSgrad2015Students will use the skills they learn in our classes to engage with such disciplines as Anthropology, Performing and Media Arts, English Literature, Africana Studies, Comparative Literature, Romance Studies, Music, Asian Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, Government, History, History of Art, and many more. Because of the program’s interdisciplinary focus, our majors are often double majors, and go on to pursue careers in law, medicine or public health, development and international aid, media, research, and community activism. Visit our alumni page to read about former students who are using their foundation in FGSS to pursue their careers.

All majors and minors take courses in three key distribution areas of the program: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies (LGBT); the study of intersecting structures of oppression including race, ethnicity, and class (ISO); and global perspectives on feminism, gender, and sexuality (GLO). These three areas assure that students understand a wider range of issues concerning sexuality and gender identity, the connection of human rights and social justice concerns across identities that are often represented as separate, and the global contexts for all of these discussions.

The Honors Program allows qualified students to synthesize readings and perspectives acquired during the course of an undergraduate education in a flexible thesis project. Students who are interested in completing an honors thesis should carefully review the application form and choose a faculty advisor prior to, or at the beginning of the spring semester of their third year.

Detailed explanations of credit hours, prerequisites and other requirements are available on the application links below:

Undergraduate Major Application
Undergraduate Minor Application
Honors Thesis

Course Information:

The Spring 2018 FGSS course roster is now available.
To view FGSS distribution requirements and our most-up-to-date course descriptions, please see our pdf of SP18 courses: FGSS_SP18_Courses




If you have further questions or would like to set up an appointment with the director of undergraduate studies please send an email to the FGSS program assistant, Samara Rose Selden (