Simone Biles as My Kinda-Sexy Halloween Costume

By: Anuli Ononye, 
Sun, 10/31/2021

The truth is, Halloween is A LOT of pressure for young women. At least it’s a lot of pressure for me. Amongst other things, you need a costume that’s: 1) original 2) sexy 3) eye-catching 4) flattering to your body shape 5) funny 6) partnered (with a friend group or your significant other) 7) meaningful and 8) unproblematic. Obviously, hardly any costume checks all of those boxes, which often leaves me (and some of my friends) discontent when you see that one woman who pulled off what you were trying to pull off just a little bit better. 

I could come here and tell you to, “Wear that sexy costume! Who cares what anyone thinks?”. And if that works, power to you! But I’d be a hypocrite to do that because I can almost guarantee you that you will never see me in lingerie at a frat house. Although deep down I kind of wish you would. I am just not that person. I am, however, the person to hype up my friends who do.

So, I guess I am here to tell you (whoever you are) that it is okay to be as sexy as you want to be for Halloween. This year, I saw a student dressed head-to-toe in an authentic Big Bird costume and a friend of mine in lingerie and bunny ears. They both seemed like they were having a good time. 

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Anuli Ononye