Senior student spotlight: Maddie Crooker '20

Thu, 04/16/2020

Name: Maddie Crooker

Major and minor: Global and Public Health Sciences (major) & FGSS (minor)

Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Fun fact about yourself: I can’t hula hoop to the left!

1. How did you decide to minor in FGSS and how does it complement your field of study? 

I decided to minor in FGSS when I felt like I needed more from my public health classes. I have always been interested in social justice and people’s liberation movements — so to be able to learn about them in-depth has been thrilling. Taking on the minor was a great addition to my science-heavy course load. I’ve loved taking the feminist approach in public health classes and vice versa, and I hope to continue in doing so in my career.

2. What has been your favorite FGSS class?

FGSS 2468: Medicine, Culture, and Society

3. What are your future career and/or educational goals? 

I hope to work at a nonprofit in New York centered around reproductive health rights and justice or education!

4. What is the best decision you've made at Cornell?

Honestly, it’s been to enroll. Being from Ithaca, I had to kind of convince myself to come here. I was nervous to stay here, and I was worried about the academic rigor. But I’ve loved every minute being here. It’s been tough, but I’ve learned more than I can fathom, and I’ve made the best memories.

5. As a senior, what is your most hilarious/embarrassing memory at Cornell?

It is hard to choose just one! The most recent one — was just atrocious. I had gotten coffee for me and my friend to have in our 2:55. I had just decided to switch into the class, so it was a few weeks into the semester. The class was in Goldwin Smith, but I couldn’t remember which classroom. I went into the first lecture hall, sat down, and tried to find the course on student center to see the location. I felt like everyone was staring at me, so I was fumbling around frantically trying to figure out if I was in the wrong place. Of course, my wifi never works in Goldwin, so I decided to get up and look it up in the hallway. I got up, spilled both coffees everywhere, and my friend called me to say I was in the wrong room the whole time. (This is especially classic because this is NOT the first time I’ve done this, and yes, this was second semester senior year)

Maddie Crooker