Naked Agency- Now Available!

Mon, 02/10/2020

We are so pleased to annouce the publication of Naminata Diabate's new book, Naked Agency: Genital Cursing and Biopolitics in Africa, published by Duke University Press.

"Across Africa, mature women have for decades mobilized the power of their nakedness in political protest to shame and punish male adversaries. This insurrectionary nakedness, often called genital cursing, owes its cultural potency to the religious belief that spirits residing in women's bodies can be unleashed to cause misfortune in their targets, including impotence, disease, and death. In Naked Agency, Naminata Diabate analyzes these collective female naked protests in Africa and beyond to broaden understandings of agency and vulnerability."

Please see their website for a full summary.

Naminata Diabate