Justice for Migrant Families group set to meet on the first Sunday of the month

Mon, 08/24/2020

The Justice for Migrant Families Group will be meeting virtually the first Sunday of every month from 4-5pm EST.

September 6
October 4
November 1

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Passcode: 238723

FGSS has been working to address this social justice issue, focusing on the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia, NY.  Working with the Buffalo-based group Justice for Migrant Families (JFMF), FGSS Director, Professor Jane Juffer organized a Cornell chapter of the group in fall 2019. JFMF provides direct support for detained people, including visitation, connection to legal aid, reporting abuses, and other forms of advocacy.

The justice for migrant families provides support to individuals in the federal detention facility in Batavia, information and resources to families in the community, and advocacy both within and beyond the local community.

This group meeting is free and open to all.

Picture of fenced in area