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The Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies graduate minor attracts students from humanities fields such as English, Comparative Literature and Theater, as well as students in Anthropology, History, and Development Sociology, to name a few. This flexible minor invites any Cornell graduate student interested in the study of feminism, gender, and sexuality to craft a personalized program of interdisciplinary study in areas such as feminist ideologies and cultures, institutions and societies, history, literatures and arts, psychology and human development, and biological sciences.

In order to pursue a graduate minor in FGSS, a student must currently be associated with a degree program in the Cornell Graduate School and have a faculty member from the FGSS graduate field on their special committee. It is essential that you verify the members of your Special Committee on the Graduate School’s Special Committee Selection and Change form. In keeping with the aim of flexibility in graduate degree programs, the graduate minor in FGSS is developed by the student in consultation with their FGSS graduate field member. 

There are no required courses for the FGSS graduate minor, progress in and completion of the minor is the sole responsibility of the student and their committee member.

Fill out the FGSS Graduate Minor application here. 


Cornell graduate students whose research interests include feminist, gender, and sexuality studies are encouraged to apply for the FGSS First Year Writing Seminar Award or the FGSS Teaching Assistantship.

FGSS First-Year Writing Seminar Award:
The FGSS First-Year Writing Seminar Award will be offered to one or two graduate students at Cornell for demonstrated excellence in teaching. Applicants must have completed their third year. The award will provide tuition and a stipend, equivalent to the current teaching assistantship stipend, for the one semester of teaching. Interested graduate students should complete the application and submit it by February 15th, 2020.

FGSS Teaching Assistantships:
FGSS has a limited number of teaching assistantships each year and is particularly interested in graduate students at Cornell who would benefit from working with our joint faculty and serving as a TA in our core curriculum. Please complete the application and submit it by February 15, 2020. 

FGSS Graduate Assistant – application due by August 15th, 2020.
The graduate assistant position involves event, communications and curriculum planning support for the program. Appointment is for academic year 2019-2020, but may be renewed at the discretion of the program manager. The workload averages about 6 hours per week but will vary as events and other duties demand. Applicants must be a registered, full-time Cornell graduate student and available to work events in the late afternoon and evening. Please review the application for compensation details and specific responsibilities, this position is paid but does not include health insurance or a tuition waiver.

FGSS Grad Colloquium

The FGSS Grad Colloquium gives graduate students across disciplines the opportunity to present their feminist scholarship to faculty and other graduate students interested in gender and sexuality studies. If you are interested in participating in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020, please fill out this form.

For more information about the FGSS graduate minor

Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Lucinda Ramberg. Her Spring 2020 office hours are Tuesdays 2:30pm-4:30pm in 188 Rockefeller.