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Calls for Papers:

  • Call for Papers: NWSA Conference (San Francisco). Accepted roundtable: Litany for Survival: Re-learning How to Write Personal Experience in a Post-Critical Academy: 
    What is the status of experiential accounts in the feminist politics of knowledge? Since poststructuralism pointed out its limits, experience has lost its once foundational place in feminist thought. This has led to a disjunction between experience and what “counts” as academic scholarship, a gap recent post-critical conversations are trying to bridge. Drawing on genealogies of feminist and decolonizing scholarship that hinge the act of writing to survival, this roundtable considers new frameworks for experience, asking: how do we write, now, in a way that allows us to survive legibly in academia without returning to ideas of the essential self?   

    Please contact Nicolette Bragg ( with an explanation of interest or with questions - deadline September 10th, 2019

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