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Graduate Field

Leslie Allen Adelson

Research Interests: postwar German literature; migrant and minority discourses; Jewish studies; feminist theory; cultural history

Anindita Banerjee

Research Interests: techno-science, energy, media, and migration in Russia, Eurasia, and the Indian subcontinent

Rosemary Batt

Research Interests: labor markets; changing nature of work and technology; service sector employment and productivity; work-family relations

Judith Eleanor Bernstock

Research Interests: modern art, nineteenth- and twentieth- centuries

Francine D Blau

Research Interests: labor market outcomes of men and women (including wages, occupations, etc.); labor force participation decisions; labor economics; demographic outcomes

Judith Byfield

Research Interests: African art and literature; the colonial state; nationalism; women’s history; the African Diaspora, specifically the Anglophone Caribbean

Carole Boyce Davies

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Debra Ann Castillo

Research Interests: Hispanic women writers

Derek S Chang

Research Interests: Asian-American history; African-American history; ethnicity and race (United States and comparative); American social and cultural history; U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction; comparative slavery and emancipation; American religious history; immigration history

Elisha Cohn

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Barbara Correll

Research Interests: gender and sexuality in Renaissance literature and cultural history; early modern women’s writing

Ileen A Devault

Research Interests: U.S. working-class history; women’s labor history; gender and class

Naminata Diabate

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Matthew Anthony Evangelista

Research Interests: international relations; gender and war; international humanitarian law

Rochelle (Shelley) Feldman

Research Interests: South Asia; feminist epistemology; international political economy; development theory; citizenship; Islamic fundamentalism; labor markets

Maria Fernandez

Research Interests: history and theory of digital art; cybernetics and art in the late 1950s and 1960s; artificial life art; the integration of media theory with post-colonial and feminist theory

Cheryl Finley

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Joanne Elizabeth Fortune

Research Interests: hormonal control of ovarian development and function in vertebrates

Arnika Fuhrmann

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

J. Ellen Gainor

Research Interests: feminist theatre criticism and theory; women playwrights

Durba Ghosh

Research Interests: modern south Asia; gender; colonialism

Sandra Elaine Greene

Research Interests: gender and ethnicity in precolonial West Africa

Sabine Haenni

Research Interests: American cinema and cultural studies, intersections of gender and ethnicity in U.S. popular and mass culture

Karen Jaime

Research Interests: Queer theory; performance studies; spoken word/poetry; and Latina/o Studies

Kimberly Joy Haines-Eitzen

Research Interests: early Christianity; women’s studies; biblical studies; early Judaism

Ellis Hanson

Research Interests: queer theory; Victorian studies; film

Saida Hodžić

Research Interests: medical anthropology, feminism, violence; Ghana, Africa

David Hines Holmberg

Research Interests: anthropology of women and gender; cultural anthropology; religion and society

Cary S. Howie

Research Interests: French and Italian middle Ages in relation to literacy theory, theology and queer studies

Robert Morris Hutchens

Research Interests: impact of welfare programs on female-headed families

Jane A. Juffer

Research Interests: feminist theory; Latino/a culture; cultural studies; ethnography

Mary Fainsod Katzenstein

Research Interests: women and politics; population policy; South Asia

Oneka LaBennett

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Stacey Langwick

Research Interests: healing and medicine in Africa; the politics of healing medicine; the body, postcolonial science, global health and Africa

Claudia Lazzaro

Research Interests: medieval and Renaissance art history

Jean N Locey

Research Interests: photography

Kathleen Perry Long

Research Interests: French Renaissance literatures and cultures, history of science, gender and sexuality studies (hermaphrodites, early modern transexuality and religious violence)

Tamara L Loos

Research Interests: Southeast Asia; Thailand; gender; legal studies; sexuality; Internet; travel; identity

Kathryn S March

Research Interests: anthropology of sex and gender; gender symbolism; life histories; women in development; social and cultural anthropology; South Asia and the Himalayas

Kate McCullough

Research Interests: gay and lesbian studies; women and literature; feminist theory

Laura Lee Meixner

Research Interests: women art patrons (nineteenth century); representations of women in the nineteenth century

Marilyn Migiel

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Mary Beth Norton

Research Interests: American women; women in America before 1860

Andrea L Parrot

Research Interests: women’s health; sexuality; violence against women; cross cultural women’s issues

Judith Ann Peraino

Research Interests: medieval music; popular music; gender and sexuality in music

Lucinda Ramberg

Research Interests: sexuality, gender, religion, power; South India, United States

Masha Raskolnikov

Research Interests: Middle English literature; allegory theory; medieval philosophy and rhetoric; contemporary critical theory; feminist and queer studies

Riche D. Richardson

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Annelise Riles

Research Interests: Far East Legal Studies; Anthropology; transnational dimensions of laws, markets, and culture; conflicts of laws; anthropology of law; public international law and international financial regulation

Camille A. Robcis

Research Interests: European cultural and intellectual history, history of modern France, gender and sexuality, social and political thought, ethics

Noliwe Rooks

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Margaret Walsh Rossiter

Research Interests: women and gender in the history of science

Nerissa Russell

Research Interests: European and Near Eastern pre-history; Neolithic studies; zooarchaeology and bone tools; inequality; human-animal relationships; social and symbolic roles of animals and meat

Naoki Sakai

Research Interests: nationalism; colonialism; racism; the study of visuality, aural-orality and body; translation and writing systems; 17th- to 20th-Century Japanese thought; Japanese literacy criticism; subjectivity and comparative philosophy

Nicholas G. Salvato

Research Interests: 20th century aesthetics and culture, modern drama, theatre and performance, queer theory, popular representations of gender and sexuality; histories and theories of melodrama

Shirley R Samuels

Research Interests: American women; women’s fiction

Paul Steven Sangren

Research Interests: Chinese studies; demography; economic anthropology; comparative religion; ideology and social production

Vilma Santiago-Irizarry

Research Interests: ethnoracial identity; law; medicine; language; institutional culture; ethnographic methods; dance; the United States; Spanish-speaking Caribbean

Suman Seth

Research Interests: history of physical sciences in the 19th and 20th Centuries; gender and science; science, colonialism, and nationalism

Samantha Sheppard

Research Interests: popular Black cultural expression and African American media and representation; media feminisms, women filmmakers; sports media; cultural studies; affect studies; and American television history

Anna Marrie Smith

Research Interests: lesbian, bisexual and gay studies; feminist theory; theoretical approaches to race and racism; contemporary political theory

C. Riley Snorton

Concentrations: Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: feminist, gender, and sexuality studies

Pamela S. Tolbert

Research Interests: organizations, gender stratification

Marie-Claire Vallois

Research Interests: French women writers; French feminism; women in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France

Amy Villarejo

Research Interests: feminist and queer film/video; “Third Cinema”; postcolonial film/video; Marxism/cultural studies

Sofia Villenas

Research Interests:  race-gender, culture, identity and power in ethnographic practice; Latina/o K-12 education, multicultural teacher education and higher education; transformative and recuperative modes of teaching, learning and social action

Mildred Elaine Warner

Research Interests: privatization; devolution; social policy; economic development; social capital

Sara L. Warner

Research Interests: dramatic literature; performance studies; theories of gender and sexuality; queer performance and culture; second wave feminism

Kim Weeden

Research Interests: Social Inequality and Poverty, Labor Markets, Gender Inequality, Work and Occupations

Rachel Judith Weil

Research Interests: gender; political culture in early modern England and Europe

Linda Brooks Williams

Research Interests: family sociology and household decision making

Dagmawi Woubshet

Research Interests: AIDS narratives; African-American literature and culture; queer studies; Ethiopian poetics